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A major U.S. network chooses IN2IT social


The recent times have been very challenging for all of us in the Media & Entertainment industry. Worldwide, all broadcasters have been forced to adapt their production methods to the unprecedented measures of quarantine, with a significant impact on news coverage workflows. We have seen Social networks play a major role in this situation, with a significant increase in social media generated content used by news broadcasters.

In this context, in April this year Woody Technologies was asked by a major US based broadcast network, to provide a fully operational solution in order to streamline the search and ingest of web and social media content for their editorial teams across 7 locations in North America and the UK.

Solutions implemented

IN2IT social has been deployed in Microsoft Azure enabling access by all journalists wherever they are, at home or remote field reporting during the quarantine period.

Using IN2IT social, they can easily and quickly search for the latest content posted on social networks such as Twitter, Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram and more, then select the relevant posts for their news stories and deliver this media with the highest resolution available to any or all of their global news locations.

Woody technologies challenge
Woody technologies challenge

The fast search and ingest of media across multiple social media sites ensures producers and legal teams can approve content well in advance of the news broadcast. Furthermore, the new IN2IT social plugin for Google Chrome allows them to ingest photos and videos from multiple websites and social networks, straight to the appropriate production site. Thanks to the central user management and monitoring, administrators get a real time overview of the content being ingested across the 7 locations. IN2IT social ingest profiles have been configured to ensure that every user provides details about the related story when ingesting content, in order to track content to the PAM.

In each of the 7 locations, IN2IT exchange has been deployed in order to retrieve the selected content from the cloud, transcode videos and photos to the mezzanine format and publish media and metadata to the Avid® MediaCentral|Production Management systems used on each site. No metadata is lost on the way, as IN2IT social and IN2IT exchange preserve all relevant information (source URL, description and author) and transfer them to the PAM.

Woody technologies challenge

Fast deployment was a key major factor for this project.
Only a few days were needed between the customer decision and the first use of IN2IT social by end users, including the setup of the cloud platform, the deployment of IN2IT exchange on site and the configuration of the end to end workflow. After 2 weeks, 5 installations were fully deployed and operational in New York, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Charlotte and London with more than 250 registered IN2IT social users. Deployment at the other sites Chicago, Miami is continuing. Woody Technologies offers various solutions to enable remote production workflows, covering file-based ingest and publishing, live ingest and social content ingest needs. Subscription models and cloud hosting is available for most of Woody solutions.

Remote archive from Bogota to Paris with IN2IT exchange

France Médias Monde for France 24 spanish-language news channel


Produce content in Bogota, Colombia and archive it in Paris, France. This is the daily workflow of France 24 for its spanish-language news channel. Thomas Wiard, TV technical manager at France Médias Monde testified for us on the use of IN2IT exchange in this workflow.

« IN2IT exchange has been deployed at France 24 to manage the transfer and archiving of content from our Spanish branch in Bogota, Colombia to our main facility located in Paris, France. Thanks to its deep integration with Avid® solutions IN2IT exchange can automatically transfer all Avid assets while preserving all of the technical and editorial metadata. The integration of IN2IT exchange with FileCatalyst® enables transfer acceleration for a fast and efficient workflow. » Thomas Wiard, TV technical manager at France Médias Monde

IN2IT exchange is designed to automate and centralize transfers from an Avid environment to external storage, playout server, cloud infrastructure, or archive system…, handling simultaneously media, technical metadata and editorial content.


Woody technologies challenge
Woody technologies challenge

The editorial team of the France 24 Spanish TV channel, based in Bogota, produces daily stories for live broadcast and digital environments. The content is produced in the Avid MediaCentral environment. These locally produced stories must be archived in Paris, in the global archive system of France 24.


IN2IT exchange automates the extraction of media from Avid storage along with the technical and editorial metadata from the PAM and NRCS, and transfers this package automatically to the Parisian site of France 24 in Issy Les Moulineaux. In order to accelerate the transfer, Woody Outgest relies on its integration with the FileCatalyst solution, which makes it possible to overcome the latency constraints related to the distance between the two sites.

The entire workflow is highly automated, and can be supervised from Paris.

Organize and simplify ingest of web content for a news editorial team



IN2IT social was integrated into the contracting project of a service to provide a platform for the production of audiovisual content automatically in the RTVM facilities.

This project was executed by a system integrator Aicox Soluciones (Spain) with a support of x-dream-distribution GmbH (Germany), Woody Technologies’ EMEA representative.

Telemadrid has decided to implement the IN2IT social solution that Aicox Soluciones currently distributes in its facilities.

IN2IT social was designed to allow journalists and technical operators to easily and quickly search and retrieve content published on social networks and websites, in order to use them for editing in a broadcast environment.

The growing importance of the use of social media content for editorial production, makes it necessary to provide intuitive and simple tools to users, allowing engineers and directors to keep the workflow under control.

IN2IT social is Woody Technologies’ answer to this need, thanks to a simple interface accessible from anywhere in the newsroom or ingest department. The media processing engine integrated into the IN2IT social server, handles the downloading, transcoding and publishing of media and metadata directly into the production environment (shared storage and media asset management).

In addition, the web browser plug-in for IN2IT social allows users to activate ingest tasks from any supported web page in 2 clicks.


Woody technologies challenge

The implementation by Telefónica Servicios Audiovisuales of its Sony Hive news production system, together with a video server for the live content, the corresponding user terminals and the automation elements, allows the elaboration and broadcast of audiovisual contents efficiently and reliably.


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