Intuitive solutions
to keep info flowing

IN2IT solutions are designed to cover all ingest and outgest needs of media companies. They offer all users a high level of usability and intuitivity. They are already adopted by numerous journalists, operators and editors all over the world.

The IN2IT platform relies on a flexible workflow engine specially designed to handle media processing tasks. Results of 7 years development include multiple connectors and workers, enabling smooth integration with industry-leading solutions. IN2IT solutions are easy to configure just as easy to use, empowering engineers to build complex workflows in a short period of time.

Ingest and share, from anywhere

  • Everyone can ingest with full autonomy.
  • Enrich and organize your content from the start.
  • Enable remote workflows in minutes.

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Never miss the best trending topics. Ever.

  • A single tool to search across multiple open sources.
  • Add content to your story and share it with your team.
  • Pick and choose the best content, without leaving current page.

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Get your live content edited live.

  • Managing the capture of live feeds has never been easier.
  • Record, schedule and collaborate, even remotely.
  • Remote interviews and web streams ingest is drastically simplified.

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Let compatibility matters solve themselves.

  • Automate ingest and outgest workflows.
  • Make your content available to any user or viewer.
  • Gear up for the future.

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Start or Scale?

IN2IT fits in every organization, from small production facilities to large international broadcast networks. Whatever your workflow challenges are, there is an IN2IT solution.

Start Your stepping stone performance booster

  • IN2IT access is your central ingest kiosk for journalists or ingest operators.
  • IN2IT live offers you up to 8 channels in a single server to record any live source.

Scale Scale a full range of solutions to scale up your performance

  • IN2IT access is used by journalists on any device to manage local and remote ingest.
  • IN2IT live enables recording of multiple NDI, SDI and web sources with collaborative scheduling and router control.
  • IN2IT social can be deployed in the cloud and used by hundreds of users directly from their web browser.
  • IN2IT exchange handles thousands of ingest and outgest tasks per day across multiple servers for 24/7 news operations.

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