U.S. election night coverage by Woody

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For the coverage of the American elections of France 24, Luxiris joined forces with Woody Technologies and Avid to offer a complete service, ranging from the recovery of the results in real time provided by Associated Press, until their airing via dedicated operators.

Woody Technologies, Luxiris’s sister company within the Aski-da Taldea group, developed the data retrieval system as well as the user interface for viewing the results, moderating them and making them available to graphical tools. This development is based on the Woody workflow engine.

The editorial interface also included the management of information banners (“ticker”) containing specific messages created by users, but also national and state results included automatically as soon as these were available.

Another module offered “new media” teams the opportunity to adapt any aerial infographic on demand and automatically publish it to the Twitter accounts and websites of the France Médias Monde group, of which France 24 is a part.

On the antenna graphics side, Luxiris has integrated the graphic charter under Maestro Designer and developed a dedicated operating interface using Maestro Live.

Luxiris deployed Avid Maestro servers to generate all the necessary signals: the American map updated in real time, some sixty infographics of results, the special information banner and the permanent counter of the number of electors. And this for the three languages ​​of the Parisian headquarters; the Spanish branch, produced in Bogota, managed the graphics systems locally, building on the integration work and the infrastructure set up in Paris.

Six dedicated operators took turns during the more than 10 hours of live airing of the various graphics.

Thank you to France Médias Monde and, in particular to the France 24 teams, for entrusting us with the realization of this exceptional project.


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