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Product EOS notification

Issue date: 17th February 2022

Dear valued customer,

Woody Technologies appreciates and value your trust in IN2IT solutions. We are writing this letter to inform you of an upcoming end of support (EOS) on the following items.

Software: Woody Social permanent license
Substitute item: IN2IT social subscription
Effective date: 28/02/2022
Support for existing contracts expiring in 2022 will be provided, but no new order will be accepted for support renewal.

We understand that this announcement may be unwelcome news to you and your organization, but this decision is necessary as the old version of Woody Social/IN2IT social UI cannot be maintained further.

IN2IT social is offered as subscription model only since January 2021, with two licensing model available to our customers:
• IN2IT social Google Chrome extension only
• IN2IT social search engine UI
powered by Nunki + Google Chrome extension

In2it Social 1500px Bord Bord

Both offerings are available as on-prem deployment, or as SaaS Solution, Woody Technologies managing hosting of the IN2IT social instances and all the maintenance and update operations.

If you are currently owning a permanent license of Woody Social/IN2IT social, you can keep using it but no support will be provided. Your sales representative can provide an offer to migrate to IN2IT social subscription with a preferred price, and continue benefiting from updates and new features.

We sincerely appreciate your understanding and we aim helping you to minimize the impact of this product discontinuation on your
workflows, and hope that this EOS will not affect much the existing service relation.
We promise that we are consistently dedicated to providing you with our excellent products and services.

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