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Leading Peruvian TV channel Latina upgrade with Woody Technologies IN2IT solutions

Latina installs IN2IT solutions for file and camera card ingest and social media search, ingest and transcode

We are proud to announce our collaboration with leading Peruvian TV channel Latina

After extensive testing, Latina has chosen Woody’s IN2IT solutions to enhance their media ingest workflows. The collaboration, initiated by Telefonica Servicios Audiovisuales as the system integrator, is part of a large ingest, graphics, MAM and NAS upgrade of their production and news departments.

Our solutions will help Latina to speed up ingest times and implement new codecs to handle its considerable increase in media content ingest.

 IN2IT exchange, our multi-node ingest server farm, will now provide advanced media and metadata processing, automated watch folder ingest from local, remote networks and cloud sources.

• IN2IT access floating licenses will allow many operator teams across production and news departments to preview media, create sub-clips, merge clips and add custom metadata.

• IN2IT social will simplify searches across social media sites in order for news and entertainment content to be used within broadcast shows, and streamline the ingest to editorial. 

Beside the performance, intuitiveness and scalability of our solutions, Latina appreciated our ability to customize some of our solutions features to fully meet their expectations.

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