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IN2IT exchange: discover the 2021 upload experience

Making workflows easier for you, is how we approach innovation.

So, once we fully acknowledged how much easier the IN2IT access mobile app was making uploading from the field, we asked ourselves,” why just journalists, why just from an App?”, and then we went to work.

Today, this same quick and easy upload experience can be added on any Mac or PC through a simple UI backed by a powerful transfer agent.

From in-house journalists or temporary contributors to third party production companies and even reality TV candidates, anybody granted access can contribute audio, photos, video and graphics to the central MAM system from their computer.

Not only is the UI installation instantaneous, but every piece of content sent by internal or external contributors gets automatically and perfectly indexed and organized thanks to the new metadata possibilities of IN2IT 3.4.

The lightest Woody solution ever deployed and a powerful new upload experience, this could well mean the end of messy email, whatsapp and wetransfer contributions.

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