Woody in2it enhances multi-format ingest and indexing within the most intelligent ingest tool.

User friendly interface for journalists and technicians

The Woody in2it application was built for users. It is easy to use, fast and efficient, and you can configure it to your needs. Your media is loaded automatically and all the technical parameters are managed in the background thanks to ingest profiles. In few clicks you can launch the ingest process, avoiding user mistakes and assuring that the established workflow will be respected.

Compatible with all video and audio formats

Woody in2it offers a unique solution to all your ingest needs. Supporting 98% of all video, audio and graphic known formats, Woody in2it will put an end to your struggle. Allowing files coming from different sources including professional cameras, GoPros, drones, or downloaded files, you get rid of third-party installed tools. Woody in2it simplifies your process, and creates autonomy.

Select and index content before the ingest

The Woody in2it interface is optimized for quick and simple preview, selection, and indexation of clips before ingest. Save time and disk space during ingest with the sub clip creation feature allowing you to retain only the useful clips in your shooting.

A complete intelligence for conditional encoding

Woody in2it uses our powerful and performant in-house transcoding and rewrap system. Each file is analyzed and checked against the determined ingest profile to get the best processing, optimizing time efficiency while preserving the original audio and video quality.

Integrating with most PAM and MAM on the market

Woody in2it is a platform-agnostic software for your post-production environment. Based on an open architecture it is able to plug with most of the popular solutions on the market including Avid® Interplay™, Dalet® Galaxy™ or Cantemo Portal™. Additionally, Woody in2it works with all the solutions that expose their API or allow automatic metadata import.

Total workflow security

Woody in2it allows ingest profiles to be configured according organization rules, naming conventions, and transcoding settings following the broadcaster’s needs. Simplify your post-production asset organization and manage it with efficiency, thanks to Woody in2it built-in features: required metadata, automatic translation of special characters and third party data synchronization. Never lose a file again and avoid further mistakes in your process.

  • Woody in2it has solved some of my major workflow concerns. Backup the card after ingest (this is done seamlessly), conform naming convention in ingest (Dynamic check-in to Interplay), speed of media availability is unheard of.

  • Woody in2it improves our production workflow, thanks to its compatibility with many formats and its conditional transcoding rules.

  • Easy to use, simple to manage, Woody in2it is a great product. Reporters standing in line to use Woody in2it.

  • Ingesting has never been this simple.

  • Woody in2it is a really fast and reliable ingest tool. It's our swiss knife for any ingest operations.

  • After the news production, we are deploying Woody in2it in other production contexts that deal with more heterogeneous formats with more complex encoding processes.
    Aside from feeds agencies and liaison with our branch regions, Woody in2it is now our main entry point into M6 production systems, which necessarily has a positive impact on the administration teams and maintenance.

  • In addition to the simplicity of the Woody in2it interface, we appreciate the features that bring a real plus to the product such as creating an automatic sequence, using prefixes and suffixes to facilitate media management in Interplay and creating folder dynamically in Interplay for relevant storage.
    Moreover, the very intuitive configuration of different profiles, allows us very quickly to integrate new workflows.

  • Quinton Schmidt, HOD Media Operations

    Mnet East Africa

  • Erwan Roth

    France Télévisions, Réseau Outremer & Premières

  • Michel Visser, Senior Media Manager

    Omrop Fryslân

  • Michel Visser, Senior Media Manager

    Omrop Fryslân

  • Sven Riedel

    Deutsche Welle

  • Laurent Langlois, Responsable Support Post production

    Groupe M6

  • Laurent Langlois, Responsable Support Post production

    Groupe M6

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