Paris, France Woody Technologies®, the specialist of smart media processing software solutions, will present at NAB 2019 the new versions of its flagship product, Woody in2it.

Woody in2it is a proven solution allowing broadcasters to manage all local and remote ingest operations, straight to the post production environment. Woody in2it is used daily by major broadcasters around the world.

The three new versions of Woody in2it introduced at NAB 2019 are based on the same powerful processing engine, and offer the same intuitive user interface, to fit all broadcaster needs for all ingest operations.

Woody in2it dedicated ingest workstation

For broadcasters needing a dedicated ingest workstation, the traditional version of Woody in2it has been improved. It offers a brand-new media player as well as new indexing feature such as the ability to add markers on the clips before ingest, and automated generation of timecode for consumer sources.


Woody in2it server centralized ingest infrastructure

Woody in2it server is a new centralized and scalable ingest solution which can process all types of media files and make them available in the production environment.
Woody in2it server can be used through a web browser, without any installation on the client side. It can also be combined with Woody in2it essentials, the light client of Woody in2it for local browsing and transfer of source material.




Woody in2it Go the ultimate solution for remote ingest

Woody in2it Go offers the reporters working from the field a very intuitive tool to encode and transfer raw footage or edited story to the central broadcaster facility. Woody in2it Go can be easily deployed on laptops, and supports various transfer protocols like FTP, SFTP, Aspera or FileCatalyst. Woody in2it Go can be combined with Woody in2it server for end-to-end ingest workflows.




Woody Technologies will be attending the NAB 2019 in Las Vegas from April 8-11, booth SU4618. Book a demo online