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Transition to 2021 Woody product line

In January 2021, Woody Technologies introduced the replacement of all Woody in2it, Woody Social, Woody Ingest live and Woody Outgest products by the new IN2IT products range.

In most of cases, the transition will be simple and free of charge, it will naturally take place during the next update carried out by the customer.

If a support case requires a software upgrade to be solved, Woody support team will ask the customer to perform upgrade to the latest version.

In2it Access 1500 Px

Previously named Woody in2it, IN2IT access is the tool to manage all manual file and camera ingest operations, locally and remotely.

  • Woody in2it standalone In2it Access IN2IT access standalone
  • Woody in2it essentials In2it Access IN2IT access
  • Woody in2it Go desktop In2it Access IN2IT access (remote)
  • Woody in2it Go mobile In2it Access IN2IT access (mobile)

In2it Exchange 1500 Px

IN2IT exchange executes automated import, export and transfer tasks from and to any local, remote or cloud-based environment.
It combines ingest and outgest operations in a single platform that can be deployed either in standalone or multiple nodes architectures.

  • Woody in2it server full license In2it Exchange IN2IT exchange (adding outgest capability)
  • Woody Outgest  In2it Exchange IN2IT exchange standalone (adding ingest capability)
  • Woody in2it server – watchfolder & API In2it Exchange IN2IT exchange standalone (adding outgest capability)

Upgrades of Woody Outgest from version prior to 3.2 and Woody Ingest from version prior to 3.2 are not free of charge, please refer to the prices table below.

In2it Live 1500px
Previously named Woody Ingest live – IN2IT live is the ultimate solution to capture live events and deliver them to users for logging and editing.

  • Woody Ingest live In2it Live IN2IT live

In2it Social 1500 Px
Previously named Woody Social – IN2IT social is a single tool to search and retrieve posts, videos and photos across different social networks.

  • Woody Social In2it Social IN2IT social

Note: Since 2020, IN2IT social is only available as a subscription offering, permanent licenses are no longer available.

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