During #VirtualNAB event, Woody announced special offers for new products, valid until June 30th, 2020

Woody Social

For the purchase of a Woody Social subscription (offer 5 nunki users + 25 users plugin minimum), get 3 months of free subscription!

Woody Social, the all in one tool to ingest social and web content now integrates nunki search engine features to search for content, fact-check and index it before ingest. This major improvement includes saved searches, location-based search and management of list of accounts to follow.

Woody in2it Go mobile app

For the purchase of Woody in2it Go desktop subscription, the same number of Woody in2it Go mobile licenses are available free of charge during the first year!

Woody in2it Go mobile app allows users to browse the content of their library and transfer it straight to the cloud or on-premise production environment, getting all the benefits of Woody in2it workflow including custom metadata, automated transcoding and user notifications.


Contact sales@woody-technologies.com to know more!