Woody Ingest Live simplify and automate your ingest live.

From live to editing, faster and easier

Woody Ingest Live enables capture of SDI, NDI and IP Live sources to post production environments. It allows users to schedule recordings, add metadata and edit while capture in their favorite editing software.
Integration with Media Asset Management platforms such as Avid MediaCentral is easy and smooth.
The web-based scheduler enables collaboration of several users.

Integrating with most PAM and MAM on the market

Woody Ingest is a platform-agnostic software for your post-production environment. Based on an open architecture it is able to plug with most of the popular solutions on the market including Avid ® MediaCentral | Production Management, Dalet ® Galaxy ™ or Cantemo Portal ™. Additionally, Woody Ingest works with all the solutions that expose their API or allow automatic metadata import.

Woody Ingest makes content available in any post production environmentWoody Ingest makes content available in any post production environment

Smart transcoding and rewrap rules

Woody Ingest is built on the transcoding and rewrap engine developed by the engineers of Woody Technologies. Smart and powerful, it allows customers to manage multi-criteria transcoding rules and create several ingest profiles.

Automated ingest for all media formats

Previously, there were multiple tools required to successfully ingest media. Woody Ingest automatically manages 98% of the universal media formats including video, audio files and graphics. Easy to deploy and use, it does not question the technological choices of the customer, but instead it adapts to them.

Woody Ingest automates processing with watchfolders or API controlWoody Ingest automates processing with watchfolders or API control
  • Compared to its competitors, ingesting with Woody products is much faster. We saved a lot of time with the introduction of Woody solutions in our workflow.

  • Woody Ingest has turned our world upside down. It easily integrated into our workflow needs.

  • Franck Vêtu

    NRJ TV Group

  • Quinton Schmidt, HOD Media Operations

    Mnet East Africa

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