share-IT with Avid® Interplay | Production is the ultimate collaborative tool to connect Adobe® Creative apps with your favorite MAM platform.

The best of Avid® Interplay within the Adobe® environment

share-IT with Avid ® Interplay | Production allows Adobe ® After Effects CC or Photoshop CC to connect with Avid’s asset management tool. This offers users a simple, secured and highly reliable experience without leaving Adobes' environment.

share-IT user interfaceshare-IT user interface

Unique features to better serve your workflow

Graphics design is now in the heart of post-production workflows. Previously based on manual actions and lacking organization, the workflow becomes fluid thanks to the share-IT engine features: dynamic tree generation, naming conventions and metadata transfer enable precise media management. Saving time and storage space is not negligible.

share-IT panel is available in Adobe After Effects and Photoshop CCshare-IT panel is available in Adobe After Effects and Photoshop CC

Direct MatteKey import

In the production process, any time saved is significant. share-IT with Avid ® Interplay | Production is the unique solution that automatically generates MatteKey effects by extracting the Alpha Channel to Avid ® Interplay.

share-IT offers MatteEffect ingest supportshare-IT offers MatteEffect ingest support

You're in good company