Built for journalists, CodeReporter optimizes and simplifies media files transfer straight from the field to the infrastructure.

The all-in-one tool for field reporters

Encoding, sending, notify… Prior to CodeReporter, journalists used many different softwares to make stories available for their team.
CodeReporter allows you to perform all these tasks in a single user friendly interface.
CodeReporter can be combined with Woody Ingest to build an end-to-end solution from the field to the production environment.

CodeReporter is the all in one tool for field reportersCodeReporter is the all in one tool for field reporters

Remote presets management

Technical contingencies are no longer an issue. CodeReporter automatically recognizes the profile configuration with the appropriate parameters and gives journalists the ability to easily send their footage to the station.

CodeReporter encoding presets are managed remotely in the cloudCodeReporter encoding presets are managed remotely in the cloud

E-mail notifications

The airtime is a vital parameter for news broadcasters.
Real-time notifications inform both the sender and the receiver of the media's availability. Metadata and additional files attachement enrich the transmitted package.

CodeReporter supports file attachmentsCodeReporter supports file attachments
  • CodeReporter optimizes exports, encoding and transfer with a unique user interface, what was not possible before. Easy to use and powerful, CodeReporter brought us more than expected.

  • CodeReporter ensure transfers of high quality, faithful to our customer requirements.

  • For our field journalists who carry out all the step of their reporting on their own, there is no better way to make CodeReporter easier to send and validate their stories to the newsroom. The workflow is completely transparent, the newsroom has the stories in Interplay almost ready to be playout that will be on air within few minutes in the News program.

  • Nicolas Ransom, reporter

    Amazon Press

  • Nicolas Ransom, reporter

    Amazon Press

  • Laurent Langlois, Responsable Support Post production

    Groupe M6

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