The prominence of social networks has disrupted information and broadcast practices.

The first available content related to an event no longer comes from traditional news agencies, but directly from the field where many photos and videos can be taken and shared with a smartphone, and where each user becomes a news content producer.

This fact brings media professionals to consider their work differently. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram have become major sources of information and editorial content.

On social networks, the main challenge for journalists is to find relevant content, and make it available quickly in the production environment for editing and broadcast.

Woody Social offers to journalists a unique web-based user interface to easily and quickly search for content on various networks.

Twitter, Youtube, Vimeo and more are supported, as well as users can copy a link from Instagram, Facebook or even Google Drive to get the related content.
Woody Social user interface

Woody Social allows preview and selection of published content to make photos and videos available in the newsroom environment in minutes. The content is saved, preserving the metadata and offering a direct link to the source.

Woody Social is integrated with most of the popular media asset management solutions on the market, such as Avid MediaCentral|Production Management (Avid Interplay), Dalet Galaxy and Cantemo Portal. The service can be hosted by Woody Technologies in Azure cloud to simplify security procedures and software updates.

Benefits of Woody Social for ingest from social networks

  • Unified search or direct ingest from URL on Woody Social
  • Real-time Twitter trending topics
  • Advanced search for geolocation filtering
  • Automated save into Newroom, PAM and MAM systems
  • Metadata are fetched and preserved across environments
  • Cloud deployment available, nothing to install in your facility!