Remote ingest is a frequent need for companies shooting content from various locations with the urgency to transfer it to another facility for editing.

Transferring quickly the content to the distant site, while preserving all technical and editorial metadata is important to save a precious time.
Thus, making this workflow clear and simple for both the sender and receiver is a challenge.

Woody in2it offers all the features to easily prepare the content: Preview, sub-clipping and indexing of the footage is available in an intuitive HTML user interface.
As Woody in2it supports various source devices and formats, the same workflow is used, regardless of the footage origin.
Additionally, Woody in2it supports various transfer protocols and integrate with transfer acceleration technologies such as Aspera FASP and FileCatalyst.

Woody IngestWhen received in the post production site, the content is processed by Woody Ingest to be delivered into the central storage and Production Asset Management system.

Media is transcoded, if necessary, to the mezzanine format and metadata is preserved throughout the whole workflow. Woody Ingest offers integrations with most popular storage and asset management systems.

Key benefits of Woody in2it for remote ingest

  • Hundreds of sources supported in Woody in2it
  • Intuitive UI for journalists, editors and ingest operators
  • Indexed content with mandatory metadata
  • Multiple ingest profiles for local and remote workflows
  • Intelligent media and metadata processing rules
  • PAM and MAM integrations