Produce content in Bogota, Colombia and archive it in Paris, France. This is the daily workflow of France 24 for its spanish-language news channel. Thomas Wiard, TV technical manager at France Médias Monde testified for us on the use of Woody Outgest in this workflow.

« Woody Outgest has been deployed at France 24 to manage the transfer and archiving of content from our Spanish branch in Bogota, Colombia to our main facility located in Paris, France. Thanks to its deep integration with Avid® Interplay and Avid® iNews, Woody Outgest can automatically transfer all Avid assets while preserving all of the technical and editorial metadata. The integration of Woody Outgest with FileCatalyst® enables transfer acceleration for a fast and efficient workflow. » Thomas Wiard, TV technical manager at France Médias Monde 

Woody Outgest is designed to automate and centralize transfers from an Avid environment to external storage, playout server, cloud infrastructure, or archive system…, handling simultaneously media, technical metadata and editorial content.

The editorial team of the France 24 Spanish TV channel, based in Bogota, produces daily stories for live broadcast and digital environments. The content is produced in the Avid MediaCentral environment including Avid Interplay | Production PAM and Avid iNews NRCS. These locally produced stories must be archived in Paris, in the global archive system of France 24.

Woody Outgest automates the extraction of media from Avid storage along with the technical and editorial metadata from the PAM and NRCS, and transfers this package automatically to the Parisian site of France 24 in Issy Les Moulineaux. In order to accelerate the transfer, Woody Outgest relies on its integration with the FileCatalyst solution, which makes it possible to overcome the latency constraints related to the distance between the two sites.

The entire workflow is highly automated, and can be supervised from Paris.