Woody Technologies releases Woody Social at IBC 2017
After a preview at NAB Show in April 2017, Woody Technologies announces the official release of Woody Social at IBC Show, the ultimate tool to allow broadcasters to connect social networks with production environments.

Social networks have changed the game of news coverage

As everyone have noticed on recent news events, the first media content available related to an unexpected event no longer comes from traditional agencies, but rather from anyone present on the field and shooting photos or videos with a smartphone. This change represents a big challenge, whether for news producers or journalists, in the endless race to bring images to their audience as fast as possible.

Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram become a real source of information, and of content to be brought on-air. And journalists are not Community Managers (yet).

Woody Social, a unique tool to search across networks

Woody Social has been pictured and designed by Woody Technologies engineers, they saw many journalists using multiple tabs of web-browser and various plugins to search relevant content on social networks, and get it available in their production environment. They are facing two major difficulties: find usable photos and videos in a wilderness of tweets and posts, and get them on-air fast as situation is often changing quickly.
Never miss another trend

Woody Social offers a unique web interface to easily and quickly search media across various networks . Furthermore, it allows preview and selection of content to process a group of photos and videos at the same time.

Woody Social also gives a view on trending topics, to ensure that the users won't miss a new event happening.

Direct ingest from URL
Beside the search feature, Woody Social allows to add media to the selection from a social network URL. More than 15 networks are currently supported, including Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Google Drive...

Indexed content in any production environnement
Woody engine handles the selection to make the photos and videos available in your post production or playout environment in minutes. The content is transcoded to the appropriate format, and organized according to its metadata.
Thanks to Woody profiles, the administrator can configure several destinations and request input of additional metadata from the journalist, to ensure a proper indexation and organization of the contents in the production environment or storage.
Woody Social is already integrated with most Media Asset Management on the market such as Avid Interplay, Dalet Galaxy and Cantemo Portal.
Woody Technologies will be exhibiting at IBC 2017 on booth 3.B39
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