Social media content in broadcast news is becoming more relevant as millions of users, influencers, political and entertainment personalities create and post more web based media by live streaming, posting videos, stories and photo’s.

Studio interviews have been replaced by web meeting platforms such as Skype, Teams and Zoom which need to be captured, edited and broadcast as they occur.

Woody Ingest Live and Woody Social are merging the news content divide by making readily available social media content more accessible by news productions teams for broadcast news.

Social Media LIVE Sources into Editing – easier and faster

Woody Ingest Live brings Social Media LIVE sources into editing workflows with a single application for fast capture and record of breaking news, news conferences on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc as well as web meetings such as Skype, Teams and Zoom over NDI.

Featured highlights of Woody Ingest Live

  • Live source capture of YouTube LIVE
  • Live sources over NDI – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others
  • Capture and record live web meetings –  Skype, Teams and Zoom
  • Automated transfer of media and metadata to MAM and PAM environments

  • Web-based Schedular for collaboration and control across multiple servers
  • Thumbnail view of Live incoming feeds
  • Schedule single or recurring recordings
  • Crash recording of breaking news events
  • Edit while capture allows editing while media is ingested
  • Local bakcup or recordings

 Social Media Videos and Photos into Editing – easier and faster

Woody Social brings social media user posts of trending topics and breaking news stories with videos and photos’s into editing workflows and bridges the void between social media news content and broadcast news.

Featured highlights of Woody Social

  • On premises installation or Cloud deployment
  • Unified search and ingest across YouTube, Twitter and Vimeo
  • Direct URL ingest from Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites
  • Fast preview of media for legal approval prior to ingest
  • Highest resolution available ingest of videos and photo’s
  • Automated transfer to MAM and PAM environments

  • Operator use via Woody Social UI or Chrome plugin extension
  • Integrated media player for preview prior to ingest
  • Metadata entry and editing to track content in the PAM
  • Multiple profiles for rewrap, transcode and delivery to product environments

  • Enhenced search engine powered by 
  • Search across multiple social media sites by keywords or interactive map locations
  • Advanced map and street views for local news broadcasts
  • Saved searches across social media plaforms
  • List of followed social media accounts


  • Multiple location Cloud deployment on Azure and AWS
  • Central user management and monitoring
  • Concurrent users across all locations
  • Woody in2it server retrieves content from Woody Social Cloud
  • Transcode media to a messanie format, publishes media and metadata to the PAM