The 3.3.3 version of all our software is now available.

From version 3.3, a unique installer is available for all Woody products. The license file is enabling the features of the product you’ve purchased.

This version brings several new features to optimize and streamline your workflows:

All Woody apps

  • Database replication is available between two nodes in a cluster installation.
  • New menu in Woody Wizard to collect logs (Get Report), import and export profiles/watchfolders and extend license
  • LDAP integration now supports multi-domain
  • Signiant delivery is available

Woody Social

  • The new “Nunki” search UI has been implemented in Woody Social
  • Woody Social library have been updated

Woody in2it

  • Watchfolders now support sidecar XML mode
  • Azure Blob and S3 watchfolders are now available

These versions also include number of bug fixes and improvements.

To learn more, please get our latest release notes at

To update your existing installation, please contact us at

Woody in2it, Woody Social and Woody Outgest are immediately available in version 3.3.3