Woody Technologies® is an Aski-da Taldea company.

Woody Technologies is part of the Aski-da Taldea group who brings together 5 companies: (Aski-da, lapins bleus formation, Stations Services and Lapins Bleus Conseil) providing a wide range of services for the media industry (project management, professional training, on-site support, consultancy…).
Woody Technologies was born from the complementary abilities of experienced engineers and skilled developers, sharing a strong knowledge of the broadcast workflows and the desire to create innovative software fitting the needs of our customers.

We innovate with

Technical expertise issued from the field

For 10 years, the engineers of Aski-da worked daily with major broadcasters such as France Télévisions, France 24, Eurosport and Canal+. Our confirmed engineers offer assistance to users, support, and engineering for various missions. They have great proximity with the users and combine a wide range of expertise such as ingest, post-production, live production, playout, distribution, network…
This knowledge of the process behind TV broadcast production helps us to identify the needs, and then design the most appropriate solutions.

Woody Technologies, a company of Aski-da Taldea

Software development dedicated to video processing

For a long time, Woody Technologies’ engineers have been interested in the processing of media files. They are experienced in transcoding, wrapping, editing, online distribution, software development and project management.
This experience allied with the core technology components (ingest engine, conditional transcoding algorithm…) developed for years now, allow us to develop the solutions designed by the team.

Woody Technologies, a company of Aski-da Taldea