Woody Outgest reinvents transfers from Avid® Interplay | Production.

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Automation of the exchange between Avid® Interplay and external platforms

Woody Outgest manages all the technical publishing tasks from Avid® Interplay | Production.
Media ready for publication are automatically detected and effectively processed to playout servers, archiving system or VOD transcoding farm.

Direct control over Interplay's transcoding features

With Avid® Interplay | Transcode fully integrated to Woody Outgest, the transfer of complex sequences is now optimized. When transcoding is not required, Woody Outgest handles the entire process.

Backup and transfer of metadata to external environments

Woody Outgest helps preserve metadata across environments by adding them to the transferred media. This extraction allows the preservation of as much information as possible about the original sequence: name, identifier, original project, Avid MOBID ...

Web service and external intelligence management

Woody Outgest is an open solution including web services allowing workflow engine, MAM or any external intelligence to trigger and control the transfer tasks.
This allows easy integration of Woody Outgest as an additional component in a global architecture managing complex workflows.

  • Woody Outgest combines in one single tool all MXF file transfers to our playout, transcoding and archive systems.

  • Exporting media has never been this simple. Woody Outgest reduces the turnaround time of moving files out of Avid to our broadcast facility.

  • Frédéric Bourdier, Directeur Technique Adjoint

    LCP-Assemblée nationale

  • Quinton Schmidt, HOD Media Operations

    Mnet East Africa

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